John Bugenhagen’s Braunshweig Church order on the reform of educatio

Lurie, Z. A., Polyakova, M. A. John Bugenhagen’s Braunshweig Church order on the reform of education, in: Proslogion: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Social History and Culture, 2018. Vol. 4 (1). P. 189216.

Zinaida Andreevna Lurie, doctor of History, assistant lecturer, Faculty of Foreign Languages, St. Petersburg State University (199034, Rossiya, Sankt-Petersburg, Universitetskaia nab., 7/9)

Mariya Aleksandrovna Polyakova, doctor of Pedagogy, assistant professor, New Russian University (142181, Rossiya, Moskva, Zapadnaya ul., 9, str. 1)

Language: Russian

This publication is the first translation into Russian of an excerpt from the Braunschweig school order by Johann Bugenhagen and introduces the reader to the education reform as part of confessional reforms. School education, continuing the ideas of Melanchthon, is strictly hierarchical and prepares citizens for various ministries. The order also pays great attention to music education, which is directly related to the liturgical reform. In addition, Bugenhagen makes recommendations regarding the provision of schools, the size of the teacher’s salary and student fees, constantly recalling the need for “government” maintenance of schools.

Key Words: Melanchthon, trivium schools, gymnasiums, cantorias, Luther, Reformation


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