Proslogion, 14

Prokopiev A. Y. Introduction.


Khachaturyan, N. A. Yu. P. Malinin. Creative works in the time and space framework.

Power, society, law

Fyodorov, S. E. The Absolute Royal Power in the Context of a Medieval Political Theology: A Problem Statement.

Caturova, S. K. In the shade of King Saint Louis: Ethical and legal foundations of the monarchical cult in France.

Krylova, Yu. P. A Governor in the French Anti-courtier Writings of the 15th Century.

Bayazitova, G. I. Jean Bodin’s Sovereignty Theory and the emergence of the Dutch Republic.

Richter, S. The visual legal act: The abdication ceremonial of Charles V as the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

Roth, M. Duke Cosimo I Medici: The abdication ceremonial.

Man and society

Biały, K. From Conquest to the Failed Usurpation: Career of a Typical Byzantine Commander George Maniakes.

Gerasimova, E. S. The portrait the epoch the Italian wars, Giordano Orsini — the military and political fi gure France the middle of the 16th century.

Zaytzeva, T. I. Gender History of the ruling elite in the context of medieval studies of the German and French scientists.


Society in confl icts and compromises


Lobanov, A. The Treaty of Amiens (1423): Towards a reconsideration.
Beljaev, M. P. The French Delegation at the Congress Peace of Westphalia.

Development of the Medieval Civilization

Zemliakov, M. V. «Let our people be protected perfectly»: Social and legal status of the early Carolingian estates’ inhabitants according to «Capitulare de villis».

Starostin, D. N, Kuleshova, E. V. The Late Roman Empire in the early humanist tradition and problems of formation of the historical concept of transaction to the Middle ages.

Reviews and commentaries

Lurie, Z. A. Review on: Metz, D. Das protestantische Drama: Evangelisches geistliches Th eater in der Reformationszeit und im konfessionellen Zeitalter. Köln: Böhlau Verlag, 2013. 906 s. (ISBN: 978-3-412-21032-8).

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Pubilcations and archive


Voronova, T. P., Shishkin, V. V. Report of Renaud de Sainte-Beuve on travel costs to Lyon (February-March 1313) (Preface, original, translation).