Proslogion 6(2)

Prokopiev, A. Yu. Introduction


Mekhamadiev, Е. A. The Byzantine Scholar on a History of Russian Medieval Studies: Galina Evgenievna Lebedeva and her Monograph «Cathedra medii aevi: Materials on a History of Leningrad Medieval Studies in the 1930s –1950s»


История и культура Византии

Bibikov, M. V. Roman Traditions and Development of Social Structures in Byzantium

Slyadz A. N. The Will to Live as the Will to Rule: Circumstances of Exile, Conditions and Reasons for the Return to the Throne of Byzantine Emperor Justinian II (695–705)

Tyulenev, V. M. The Bishops-Rhetoricians in the epigrams and hymns of Ennodius

Mitrofanov, A. Yu. Bethral of Epiphania and the Turkic Qaghan: historical Fact or Chapter of Adventure Story?

Μorozov, M. A. Religious foundations and family prosperity: monastic patronage in Byzantium in the second half of the 11th century on the example of the testament-typicon of Michael Attaleiates

Alimov, D. E. Zupanias and «Inhabited Kastra»: the Territorial Structure of Early Medieval Croatia within the Context of Politogenesis

Emanov, A. G. The Sacred Kafa’s Palladium of the 13th–15th сenturies

Интеллектуальная и социальная культура эпохи Реформации

Kolb, R. Magdeburg as a Bridge from Reformation to Orthodoxy

Angermann, N. Ein russisch-deutsches Gesprächsbuch aus dem 16. Jahrhundert. Zu seinem Autor, seiner Datierung und seinem Wert als historische Quelle

Berezhnaya, N. A. The wives of the Electors of the Palatinate during the Reformation: confessional and dynastic discourse

Arzhakova, L. M. On the Road to Constantinople: Jędrzej Taranowski and his travel notes


Dmitrieva, M. I. M. A. Gukovsky and his «Columbine»

Lurie, Z. A. Catechesis in the Early Church from an Educational History Perspective: A Review of Paideia and Cult: Christian Initiation in Theodore of Mopsuestia (2013) by D. L. Schwartz


Dmitrieva, M. I. Overview of the All-Russian Interuniversity Scientific Conference of Students, Postgraduates and Young Scientists «Kurbatov Readings-XLII»