Proslogion 4(2)

Prokopiev, A. Yu. Introduction

Lebedeva, G. E., Piotrovskaya, E. K., Slyadz’, A. N. Z. V. Udaltsova as an organizer of the Soviet Byzantine studies (by 100-anniversary of the corresponding member of the Academy of sciences of the USSR Z. V. Udaltsova

Institutes, law, ideas
Меkhamadiev, Е. А. The Gallic Usurper Magnentius and Dalmatian Cavalry in 350 A.D.: on the treatment of evidence of Byzantine Historian Zosimus (Zos. II. 42. 2 and 4)
Mitrofanov, А. Yu. Anselme de Lucques, la liturgie et le droit canonique de l’Église ancienne
Kuleshova, E. V. On the methodological and genre peculiarities of the treatises of Claude de Seyssel

The era of change: the Reformation and the Thirty Years War
Keller, O. B. Einige Episoden aus der Geschichte der Reformation in Württemberg und auf weißrussischen Territorien des Großfürstentums Litauen und später Polen-Litauen (Rzeczpospolita)
Gusarova, T. P. Reformation and the political interests of the Hungarian nobility in the first part of the 1520s
Ivonin, Yu. E. The Thirty Years War or Interwaving of the conflicts?
Kuhlmann, Y. Spinne und Spinola. Das Bild Spaniens in der protestantischen Flugblattpublizistik während des Dreißigjährigen Krieges

Reviews and  publications
Dmitrieva, M. I. Active material in the study of the Western European medieval city: traditions and modernity
Lurie, Z. A., Polyakova, M. A. John Bugenhagen’s Braunshweig Church order on the reform of educatio

Prokopiev, A. Yu. International conference dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the outbreak of the Thirty Years’ War
Berezhnaya, N. A. Review of the all-Russian scientific conference «Kurbatov Readings—XXXVIII»