Proslogion 6(1)

Prokopiev, A. Yu. Introduction


Economics and Social History of Medieval Civilization

Sukhino-Khomenko, D. Thrymsa, a coin [not] in circulation in northern England»: Source criticism of archbishop Wulfstan’s Norðleoda laga and its monetary systems in the way of social history (England, 10–11th centuries)

Borisov, G. I. …pacemque firmissimam teneant aggredientes et regredientes et ibi manentes. The market peace and the beginnings of the urban community in the lands of the Empire on market privileges

Dmitrieva, M. I. Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s frescoes in the Palazzo Pubblico in Siena and the formation of the social ideal of the Renaissance

Berezhnaya, N. A. The rhetoric of power in the funeral sermons of the Palatinate sovereigns of the second half of the 16th century: elector Ludwig VI

Perception in the Middle Ages and the perception of the Middle Ages

Piontkovsky, A. V. «Savage Scotland», «Lowland Courtesy» and the English Language as Factors in the Formation of  «British» Identity from High Middle Ages to the Union of the Crowns in 1603

Ehricht, Ch. Neue Geschichtserzählungen von und über Frauen im Zeitalter der Reformation und in der Epoche der deutschen Romantik


Morozov, A. M. Call from the East or «This is what God wants!» Review on the book by P. Frankopan «The First Crusade: A Call from the East»


Zelenetskiy, A. L., Lurie, Z. A. Two farces from the Hultem manuscript: «The Witch» and «The Beggars»: an introduction and  translation


Krylov, K. E. The first virtual medievalist readings – exchange of views in the era of a pandemic

Kargal‘tsev, A. V. Annual readings in conjunction with the anniversary of the Reformation, 2020