Call from the East or «This is what God wants!» Review on the book by P. Frankopan «The First Crusade: A Call from the East»

Μorozov, M. A. Prizyv s Vostoka ili «Tak khochet Bog!». Retsenziya na knigu P. Frankopana «Pervyy krestovyy pokhod: Zov s Vostoka» [Call from the East or «This is what God wants!» Review of the book by P. Frankopan «The First Crusade: A Call from the East»], in: Proslogion: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Social History and Culture, 2020. Vol. 6 (1). P. 178–199.

Maxim Аnatoljevich Мorozov, Doctor of History, Senior Librarian of the Gogol’s Scientific Library, Saint Petersburg State University (199034, Rossiya, SanktPeterburg, Universitetskaya nab., 7/9)

Language: Russian

The article is a review of the book by P. Frankopan «The First Crusade: A Call from the East». The researcher examines the question of the role of the Byzantine emperor Alexei I Comnenus in the organization of the crusade and in its further leadership. Various points of view of P. Frankopan himself and other modern historians on the problem of the formation of the ideology of the crusading movement are analyzed. The author criticizes the fundamental thesis of the author of the book that Alexei I was the main inspirer of the campaign, determining his goals and intentions. Alexei, of course, took part in organizing the campaign itself, but during the period of the appeal of the Latin West, he simply used the tried and tested Byzantine experience of responding to the crisis. It consisted in the use of foreign allied forces, which were hired for a fee, for solving the problems of defending the territory of the empire. The subsequent rift between the emperor and the participants of the First Crusade and further relations between Byzantium and the Crusaders were the result of the application of traditional policies and tactics by Byzantium in those circumstances when they were inappropriate.

Key words: P. Frankopan, Byzantium, First Crusade, Alexios I Komnenes, crusaders, ideology


DOI: 10.24411/2500-0926-2021-00007

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