Proslogion, 13

Hugues Daussy, Vladimir Shishkin Introduction.

Part 1. New sources and documents

Pavel Uvarov On the eve of the great troubles: The letter sent to the king Henry the Second by the bishop of Nevers (French text with English summary).

Vladimir Shishkin French autographs of the age of the Religious wars (1559–1598) in the National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg (French text with English summary).

Natalia Elaguina Mary Stuart and the Wars of religion in France on materials of the manuscripts collections of the National Library of Russia (French text with English summary).

Part 2. Faith and confessional discord

Nicolas Balzamo Supernatural in the Wars of religion: A chronological draught (French text with English summary).

Denis Crouzet A history backwards? The king and the division of the faith in the kingdom of France in the 16th century (French text with English summary).

Serge Brunet Calvinist consistories and southern consulates of France in the first religious conflicts (1560–1562) (French text with English summary).

Part 3. Political theories and practices during War and Peace

Tatiana Debbagi-Baranova Libels and political games during the Wars of Religion: The example of the Protestant party (1562–1570) (French text with English summary).

Jérémie Foa Peacemaking in the époque of the Huguenot Wars: Commissioners responsible for “edicts of pacification” (French text with English summary).

Grégory Champeaud War and religion peace in France, seen through the prism of the parliaments: the example of Bordeaux (1562–1600) (French text with English summary).

Éliane Viennot Masculinity and features of the monarch of the lilies: Debate over the Salic law and the construction of the national consensus during the last Civil war in the 16th century (French text with English summary).

Natalia Altukhova Essential vector of royal politics at the time of the Wars of religion: La vénalité des offices (French text with English summary).

Part 4. Civial War as a part of international politics

Hugues Daussy The Huguenot diplomacy during the first Wars of Religion (1562–1570) (French text with English summary).

Andrey Yu. Prokopiev The German nobility and the French religious conflict of the 16th century (German text with English summary: Der deutscher Adel und die französischen Religionskriege).

Olga Okuneva The “Antarctic France” in Brazil: The prologue to the Wars of Religion in France?


David Potter The court of France under Henry III as seen by an Englishman (1584–1585): French version (French text with English summary).