Proslogion 3(1)

Prokopiev, A. Introduction


Power, society, law

Dmitrieva, M. I.
People’s governments and «parties»: Images of power in Siena of the 14th century
Gusarova, T. P. The 17th century diaries of the State Assemblies of Hungary and their authors
Spangler, J. Sons and daughters sent abroad: Successes and failures of foreign princes at the French court in the Sixteenth Century

A man and society

Valdaliso-Casanova, C.
Ipsa Domina Agnes. On the historical basis of the myth of Inês de Castro
Lurie, Z. A. «Spiel zum Leser»: Specifics of the printed drama of the Reformation
Pitulko, G. N. Englishmen in Russia of the 16th century: A study on the first period of the Russian–English contacts

Society in conflicts and compromises

Мekhamadiev, Е. А.
The military policy of Emperor
Constantius II in the Near East provinces of the Empire in 337–350: The organizational structure of the Roman–Persian border and the problem of recruiting

Nosova, E. I. From Grandson to Morat: The Burgundian court during the war
Dupont-Madinier, A. Passage de Marguerite de Valois a Saint-Amant-Tallende et Saint Saturnin (octobre–novembre 1586)

Everyday life and material culture

Rodionov, E. A.
The French hunting fire-arms of the 17–18th centuries in the collection of the Gatchina Palace and Estate Museum

Reviews and commentaries

Prokopiev, A. Yu., Lurie, Z. A.
Luther afterwards five centuries: thoughts on Heiko Oberman’s book
Kovalev, V. A. Political economists in spite of themselves. Richard Lachman’s «Capitalists in spite of Themselves. Elite Conflict and Economic Transitions in Early Modern Europe» and neomarxist methodology

PubLications and archive

Angard, L., Shishkin, V. V., Gerasimova, E. S.
Unknown letters and documents of the Henry IV of France from the arhival collections of Saint-Petersburg and Moscow (1577–1609). The first part. Religious wars (1577–1594)


Shishkin, V. V.International Academic conference. Rituals of power. The ceremonies of courts and states from the Late Medieval period to the Modern era. The Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland. 6–8 october
Мekhamadiev, Е. А. .About the conference «XXXVI Readings after G. L. Kurbarov»