Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s frescoes in the Palazzo Pubblico in Siena and the formation of the social ideal of the Renaissance

Dmitrieva, M. I. Freski Lorentsetti v Palazzo Pubblico v Siene i formirovanie obshchestvennogo ideala epokhi Vozrozhdeniya [Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s frescoes in the Palazzo Pubblico in Siena and the formation of the social ideal of the Renaissance]. In: Proslogion: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Social History and Culture, 2020. Vol. 6 (1). P. 77–96.

Marina Igorevna Dmitrieva, Ph.D., associate professor. Saint Petersburg State University (199034, Universitetskaia nab. 7/9, 199034 St.Petersburg, Russian Federation)

The article is devoted to the study of the influence of the ideological content of the frescoes «The Good and the Bad governments and their effect» by A. Lorenzetti on the ideas of the authors of the city Chronicles of Siena of the 14–15th centuries about society and power. Investigating the problem of «constructing» the social ideal in Renaissance Siena, which is relevant for modern historical science, the author notes the characteristic dualism of the worldview, which is reflected both in the images of Lorenzetti and in the texts of the studied urban «popolani» Chronicles: «good» government opposes «bad», virtues — sins, a peaceful and prosperous city and district — a city and district devastated and ravaged by war. The authors of urban Chronicles not only use the key concepts of «peace», «justice», «common good», «discord», «war», but also literally describe the scenes depicted in the frescoes of the Palazzo Pubblico. The author concludes that the visual images of frescoes created by Lorenzetti based on the ideas of prominent philosophers and religious thinkers of the 13–14th centuries, that they became a link between the theoretical and everyday levels of the trecento mentality, that it was Lorenzetti’s allegories that had a decisive impact on the formation of the social ideal of the Sienese.

Key words: Chronicles of Siena, the frescoes of Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Palazzo Pubblico, Renaissance state


DOI: 10.24411/2500-0926-2021-00003

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