The Thirty Years War or Interwaving of the conflicts?

Ivonin, Yu. E. Tridtsatiletnyaya voyna ili perepletenie konfliktov? [The Thirty Years War or Interwaving of the conflicts?], in: Proslogion: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Social History and Culture, 2018. Vol. 4 (2). P. 142157.

Yury Evgenievich Ivonin, doctor of History, professor, Merited Scientist of Russia, Smolensk State University (214000, Rossiya, Smolensk, ulitsa Przheval’skogo, 4)

Language: Russian

The author reflects on the theme, what character the Thirty Years’ War had, the 400th Anniversary of which is taken place in 2018. He cites some definitions from the manual of the Middle Ages, «World History», the popular works of Russian authors and compares these with the number of definitions by foreign authors. He concludes that this war was simultaneously European, German and Religious war. As European war it consisted of separate little wars, which were the parts of one great all-European war in the consciousness of the contemporaries.

Key Words: Thirty Years’ War, Holy Roman Empire, Germany, Europe, religion, Emperor, princes


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