The 17th century diaries of the State Assemblies of Hungary and their authors

Gusarova, T. P Dnevniki vengerskikh gosudarstvennykh sobraniy XVII v. i ikh avtory [The 17th century diaries of the State Assemblies of Hungary and their authors], in: Proslogion: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Social History and Culture, 2017. Vol. 3 (1). P. 2747.

Tatiana Pavlovna Gusarova, doctor of History, assistant professor, Lomonosov Moscow State University (119234, Rossiya, Moskva, Lomonosovskiy prospekt 27/4)

Language: Russian

The paper deals with the diaries of the Hungarian State Assemblies written in the 17th century. This special group of historical sources, related to the political history of the Hungarian Kingdom, opens a wide field for research. Historians have analyzed diaries, but not regularly. The Diaries of the State Assemblies went into practice in the Kingdom of Hungary in the 17th century. The Diaries may provide information about the most important events that happened at those estate forums as well as about social background and relations between the central power, the Habsburg dynasty, and the Hungarian estates. Besides, the reports on activity of the State Assemblies the Diaries inform us about the everyday life of the royal Court, the daily routine of the Assembly participants, guests’ visits and the city which accommodated them, as well as about the expenses and other difficulties connected with the event. The special value of the Diaries lies in the fact that their composition was not officially regulated. Their authors were active participants of the State Assemblies and moreover deputies of the nobility and representatives of the cities. The Diaries reveal personalities of their authors, although they rarely allow to reconstruct their lives or any important landmarks in their political careers, in the activity of the State Assemblies. The paper focuses on the analysis of this group of sources and their peculiarities and demonstrates,
how they reflect reality and present their authors.

Key Words: Diary as a source, State Assembly, Kingdom of Hungary in the 17th century, history of collection


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