Englishmen in Russia of the 16th century: A study on the first period of the Russian–English contacts

Pitulko, G. N. Anglichane v Rossii XVI veka: opyt izucheniya pervonachal’nogo etapa russko-angliyskikh svyazey [Englishmen in Russia of the 16th century: A study on the first period of the Russian–English contacts], in: Proslogion: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Social History and Culture, 2017. Vol. 3 (1). P. 139158.

Galina Nikolaevna Pitulko, doctor of History, docent, North-West Institute of Administration (199004, Rossiya,Sankt-Petersburg, Tuchkovpereulok, 7)

Language: Russian

The Article is devoted to the important academic topic of the Russian-English contacts of the 16th century. The author shows necessity of rereading traditional source data, taking into account tendencies of approach to the Russian-British diplomatic, trade and cultural relations of the 16th century in the Russian and British research. The author notes that the period should be seen as the heyday of absolutism and active foreign policy not only of England, but also of Russia, and relationships between countries weren’t confined by trade or political interests.
The author examines academic investigations on the topic and proofs that scientists were primarily interested in the questions of diplomacy and activity of the Muscovy Trading Company. However, scholars of the St. Petersburg historical school have pointed out the problem of the bilateral Russian-English relations basing on a wide range of textual sources belongs. Moreover, the source base is still possible to extend, using unique collections of major libraries and archives of Russia. And examination of new sources makes necessary to reinvestigate the whole range of traditional sources.
The author focuses on one of such unknown sources, the Russian Psalter D.123 from the collection of the Manuscript Department of the Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Arkhangelsk. Having analyzed the manuscript and its data, the author proofs its British origin.

Key Words: Muscovy Trading Company, Nikolo-Korelskiy monastery, Richard Chancellor, Anthony Jenkinson, Richard Hakluyt, Giles Fletcher, new manuscripts sources, Russian Psalter D.123

URL: http://proslogion.ru/31-pitulko/

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