Active material in the study of the Western European medieval city: traditions and modernity

Dmitrieva, M. I. Aktovyy material v issledovanii zapadnoevropeyskogo srednevekovogo goroda: Traditsii i sovremennost’ [Active material in the study of the Western European medieval city: Traditions and modernity], in: Proslogion: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Social History and Culture, 2018. Vol. 4 (2). P. 179188.

Marina Igorevna Dmitrieva, doctor of History, associate professor, Institute of History, Saint-Peterburg State University (199034, Rossiya, Sankt-Petersburg, Mendeleevskaya liniya, 5)

Language: Russian

Monograph оf N. B. Sredinskaya «Ferrara of the 14th century in the reflection of the acts of the domestic archive of Sacrati» is a comprehensive study of one of the cities of Northern Italy on the basis of unpublished acts from the archives of Saint-Petersburg and Modena. The review notes the important role of the author in the study of the material from the collection of N. P. Likhachev, the relevance of the scientific approach. The review consistently reviewed all the sections of this fundamental research and made conclusions about its importance for modern medieval studies.

Key Words: Ferrara, acts of Sacrati, contracts of sale, handwritten sources, types of acts, documents


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