A figure of the Escadron Volant: Renée de Rieux, baroness de Castellane

Christiaens, D., Chichkine, V. A figure of the Escadron Volant: Renée de Rieux, baroness de Castellane, in: Proslogion: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Social History and Culture, 2019. Vol. 5 (1). P. 144156.

Daniel Christian, member of the Editorial Committee, Academy of Sciences, Literature and Arts of Agen (9, Boulevard de la République, 47000, Agen, France)

Vladimir Vladimirovich Chichkine (Shishkin), associate Professor, Department of History of the Middle Ages, Saint-Petersburg State University (199034, Rossiya, Sankt-Peterburg, Mendeleevskaya liniya, 5)

Language: French

This publication of unknown documents from a private French collection touches upon the biography of an aristocrat of the time of Religious Wars, the court lady Renée de Rieux de Chateauneuf, Baroness de Castellane. Newly found original sources shed light on the unknown facts of the life of a famous French woman, who was admired by contemporaries, and whose traces are lost at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Key Words: Religious Wars, 16th century, the French court, Escadron Volant, Renée de Rieux de Chateauneuf

URL: http://proslogion.ru/51-shishkin/

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