Collections of Biographies and Giordano Orsini

Youssim, M.A. Collections of Biographies and Giordano Orsini, in: Proslogion: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Social History and Culture, 2023. Vol. 7(1). P. 123–147.

Mark Arkadjevich Youssim, doctor of history, chief researcher, Institute of World History, Russian Acedemy of sciences, Department of Western Middle Ages and Early Modern times (Leninskiy prosp., 32A, Moscow, Russia, 119334)

Language: Russian

The Renaissance was characterized by an interest for biographies of great personalities, which was reflected in collections of life histories and galleries of portraits that adorned the palaces of antiquity admirers. Francesco Petrarca was one of the first to turn to this genre, compiling his collection exclusively of antique heroes. A collection of more than 300 figures of historical figures of all times decorated the palace of Montegiordano in Rome, where under the auspices of Cardinal Giordano Orsini gathered a circle of humanists. The frescoes have not survived and are known from copies; their composition reflects the ideas about history and great men typical of Renaissance culture.

Keywords: historical painting, Montegiordano, Cardinal Giordano Orsini, vitae, history in persons.


DOI: 10.24412/2500-0926-2023-71-123-147

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