John of Nikiu on the King Cambyses: Some Notes

Kholod M. M. John of Nikiu on the King Cambyses: Some Notes, in: Proslogion: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Social History and Culture, 2023. Vol. 7(1). P. 173–188.

Maxim Mikhailovich Kholod,PhD in History, Associate Professor, Saint Petersburg State University, Institute of History (199034, Russia, Mendeleevskaya liniya, 5).

Language: Russian

The author of the article makes comments on a number of indications containing in one of the stories given in the Chronicle of John of Nikiu (late 7th century AD), namely in his story of the Persian king Cambyses (530–522 BC). The made comments help not only to clarify some separate places in the survived relevant text. They also enable to identify a circle of sources used by John while he composed his story of Cambyses, and to get the additional notions of his manner of work, as well as to contribute to a better understanding of this story as a historical source.

Keywords: John of Nikiu, Cambyses, Persian empire, ancient Egypt, Nebuchadnezzar II


DOI: 10.24412/2500-0926-2023-71-173-188

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