Louis XIV and his palace — Vincennes

Sidorenko, M. A. Lyudovik XIV i ego dvorets — Vensenn [Louis XIV and his palace — Vincennes], in: Proslogion: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Social History and Culture, 2019. Vol. 5 (1). P. 7295.

Maxim Anatolieviсh Sidorenko, doctor of History, assistant professor, Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management (630099, Rossiya, Novosibirsk, ulitsa Kamenskaya, 56)

Language: Russian

The study focuses on the history of the Château de Vincennes (Castle of Vincennes) early during the rule of Louis XIV, when the Palace of Versailles was not yet the principal royal residence, and the court often stayed in other chateaux near Paris or in the Loire Valley. Among those, the Château de Vincennes remains the least documented but, even being limited, its historiography stores evidence that the castle was then the preferred residence of the royal family and the court. As a support for this challenging hypothesis, note that Vincennes was mentioned in the story telling about the origin of the famous quotation of Louis XIV «L’état, c’est moi (The state, it is me)», which became a motto of absolutism. Thus, it is tempting to consider the Château de Vincennes as a possible competitor of the early Versailles, which was a place of great court festivities in 1660–1670. In order to prove or disprove the hypothesis, it is pertinent to pose several questions, each being applicable to historical studies of any royal residence. Which events during the rule of Louis XIV were related with Vincennes? How did that old residence of French kings help the Baroque monarch in pursuing his political course and creating a new society of courtiers subordinate uniquely to the throne? How far was the château built by previous kings useful for making representative the image of Louis XIV? Did Louis XIV use the Château de Vincennes for diplomacy and official ceremonies and what was its role in solving international problems?

Key Words: Louis XIV, Ancien Régime, French royal court, Representation of power, royal residences of France, Vincennes

URL: http://proslogion.ru/51-sidorenko/

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