«Spiel zum Leser»: Specifics of the printed drama of the Reformation

Lurie, Z. A. «Spiel zum Leser»: Osobennosti pechatnoy dramaturgii perioda Reformatsii [«Spiel zum Leser»: Specifics of the printed drama of the Reformation], in: Proslogion: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Social History and Culture, 2017. Vol. 3 (1). P. 118138.

Zinaida Andreevna Lurie, doctor of History, assistant lecturer, St. Petersburg State University (199034, Rossiya, Saknt-Petersburg, Мendeleevskaya liniya, 5)

Language: English

The article examines editions and reprints of the biblical dramas published between 1532 and 1550 and written by several early Protestant writers, Sixt Birck (c. 1501–1554), Paul Rebhun (1500/1505–1547) and Joachim Greff (c. 1500/1505– 1552), with the general amount of the reprints being 23. The author addresses these sources to investigate peculiarities of publishing and editorial policy that aimed to clarify dramatic texts to their readers. Besides, the author understands the first half of the 16th century as a transitional period in two respects: firstly, marking out the conflict of printed and oral cultures, and, secondly, signifying the transfer from the Christian to the confessional consciousness. The author concludes that the appearance of the first printed dramas was not independent from theatrical productions. However, the texts of Spiele were edited in a certain way and provided with annotations and accompanying texts that simplified for readers perception of a stage text. Even short introductory texts allowed readers to get an idea about the topic of drama and values of the author quite easily. Analyzing the content of the introductory parts, Z. A. Lurie’s demonstrated that they contained a reference to certain cultural formulas and intellectual authorities that should be regarded as confessional information in the non-confessional’ early Reformation period.

Key Words: Sixt Birk, Joachim Greff, Paul Rebhun, Judith, Susanna, theater, plays, Basel, Augsburg, Aristotle, Thomas Naogeorgus, productions, performances

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